MILU 文創商品

「畫文創,話文化」的品牌精神,意味著「畫出文創新價值,說出文化故事」。MILU 的每一件商品,都是設計團隊用心做功課研究瞭解後,透過精心設計,產出原稿,再經過嚴格的篩選後進行生產,以確保符合MILU的品牌精神。我們希望,MILU每一位粉絲,能夠透過這些精緻的商品,體驗「畫文創,話文化」的品牌精神,珍藏屬於自己的美好旅遊回憶。

The brand spirit of MILU is to capture the beauty of Taiwan and to tell its stories. All of the products at MILU are filtered through the team’s in-depth understanding of Taiwanese culture. Through this process, we hope to help each of our clients in retaining a personal piece of memory about the beauty of Taiwan. We wish to communicate the exquisite artistry and cultural heritage of Taiwan to the world, via the distribution of our merchandise.

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