MILU 文創生活設計團隊


Because of a common belief, we have brought us from different fields together and established the MILU cultural and creative brand. We love Taiwan culture and want to make Taiwan culture and the beauty of Taiwan visible to the world! Over the years, we have visited various places in Taiwan to explore various cultures in Taiwan, such as indigenous culture, gourmet snacks, traditional operas, legendary stories, temple culture, protozoa Wait. We seek out the soul of Taiwan's truth, kindness, and beautification into our works. The designer hopes to tell Taiwan's story through cultural and creative products, and to use these cultural and creative products to convey Taiwan's culture and the spirit of Taiwan to the world. Even with all the hardships and twists along the way, we have never given up our original intention to love Taiwan culture. Up to now, tens of thousands of cultural and creative products of the MILU brand have been delivered to the world through travelers. It makes us feel excited and pleased. In the future, we will continue to work hard to let more people see Taiwan!

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